Hi!! I need to use the result of edad, parentesco. to validate other questions from the repetitions below. But I lose the loop of repetitions. Maybe I am doing wrong. As you said to declare the variables to be able to use them in other repetition groups. Could you give me an example please? If it is not much ask with my same xls. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

As for example: 7 years or less in the edu_leer_escribir field and 10 or less years in the vacuna field that does not ask or skip it.

FUDSS2.xls (62 KB)

Hi @ddiazsiempro,

Would you mind if you could share with the community the English version of your questionnaire so that we could help support you out solving your issues. At the moment it’s really very difficult to trace your xlsform (as the language you are using is unreadable since we do not understand the language that you have used).

Thank you for your kind understanding!

Have a great day!