Index with the same value

Hi everyone,

I‘m very new to this tool and I’m struggling a bit.
For our survey we assigned index values for the questions. The values are the same for some questions, since the type of answer has the same value, but they differ in meaning. It’s changing it to 0_1 and 0_2 though.
Can I still work with this, or will it be problematic for my data analysis later on?
Thank you for your help!

Welcome @k_arin,
Do you mean you have duplicate names of choices in the same list in your choices sheet?

There is an option allow_duplicates in the settings sheet, but you should better avod this. You could create separate lists for the rekated questions.

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In the screenshot you can see that some answers have the same value since they have the same worth for us. But it keeps showing up as 0_1 ans 0_2
My question is, if my data analysis still works if I leave it like that, or if I should change the values completely.
Thank you!!

Seems your upload didn’t work.
For support, it would be better to share an extract of the form, please.

I would advice to do an own test for analysis now, including cross-tabularion of questions with same choice names. If needed you may create a clone and enter some test cases and check analysis. You may also have a look at the standard Kobo report. I am afraid you might get problems with such “duplicates”.