Internal Server Error: <h1>Server Error (500)</h1>

Hi @Kal_Lam

Before, I posted problem Internal Server Error:

Server Error (500)

This form has 8687 entradas de datos
Form: Ciclo 1 Septima Entrega.xlsx (7.5 KB)

But now I was viewing every form I have in this account, and sometimes I get the same problem, but after a couple of seconds I can view the data again.

I think maybe the number of submission could be a problem, I have forms with 31831, 55106 and 13 submissions

Could you help me, please?

Could you also please kindly let us know on when you get this error message (if possible we would appreciate if you could provide us the exact steps you did) so that we could dig deep into your issue. In addition, also please let us know the server you are using. This should be helpful.

We’re using our own server, this is

This problem show up when:

1. We select the form:

2. If we try to view summary, we can’t

3. If we try to view data reports, we can’t

If you select Table, you get

Server Error (500)

However we can view the photos

4. If you try to download data, you can’t

If you try to view the Map, you receive

Server Error (500)

5. If you try with Api, you receive this:

We already restarted the server, but the problem continues

Some help?