Is it possible to install Kobotoolbox on server without any subdomain

Hi all
Is it possible to install Kobotoolbox on server which doesn’t have any reserved domain? so it’s directly call it using something like: http://IPADDREESS:port/kc or http://IPADDREESS:port/ee


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Nevermind, I solve it using

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Maybe the community would benefit if you could also outlined the steps that you followed.

Yes, I am previously struggle on setting up Kobotoolbox server without any domain names, since the online form will be directly embedded on mobile app. And the server didn’t have any domain names, only static IP. So these is a dynamic DNS tools based on the public IP address, and can be easily integrated with the subdomains like kc, kf, and ee…

For example if the public IP is, then the xip address would be:
the the subdomains for KPI, Kobocat and Enketo express will be:

The rest, is only need to setup the local dns for these xip addesses to redirect to our current internal private IP (if its on VPS).

NOTE; This approach may be temporary approach to help development or for temporary services (not long term, for long term, use domain name).

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This should be very helpful for the community. Thank you for sharing it out!