Is there a limit on the number of projects that can be hosted on personal servers?

Is this a known limitation of kobotoolbox? So we cannot have more than 200 forms?

Do you have a user account with more than 200 survey projects?

We are using a single account to make all our forms, so there will be a point in the near future when the number exceeds 200.

By the way we are hosted on our own server, so will this limitation still apply?

Hi @ks_1,

FYI, at the moment it is advised to have different user account to hold different survey project (if you are able to manage). This should also help KoBoToolbox team with balancing load in our server while submitting your data.

Hi @ks_1

This limit does not apply to your own server installation. This limit only applies to our server installation instances i.e. HHI and OCHA.

You should however note that the size of your projects will be limited by the amount of server space dedicated for your installation. For this, I would prefer that you consult your IT team to look at your specific needs.



Thanks @stephanealoo for the confirmation.

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