Is WebRDS possible at KoBo Toolbox


My name is Samuel and I want to use KoBo Toolbox to run a research with WebRDS technique. My question is: there are any special account or feature at KoBo Toolbox that enable me to use it to run an WebRDS?

In case you are unfamiliar with RDS, here is a short description: First, we select seed participants, who will receive a Respondent Serial Number. Once the seeds complete the questionnaire, they are asked to identify 3 eligible participants from their social networks. The site should be able to send an automated invitation to each of the three persons (via email, text-message or to copy-paste the personalized message to send it by Facebook messenger, etc.). All recruits then become new seeds (wave 2), and so. All respondents, seeds and recruits, have to be attributed (automatically) two serial numbers to follow the referral chain + metadata:

· Respondent Serial Number - Serial number of the coupon the respondent was recruited with.

· Respondent’s Recruiting Serial Numbers - Serial numbers from the coupons the respondent is given to recruit others.

· Number of coupons given

The serial number attribution has to be completely managed by an algorithm. We need to be able to adjust ad hoc the number of coupons for specific sub-populations with slower growth rate. The purpose of (web)RDS is to be able to follow the referral-chain to weight the sample to compensate for its non-probabilistic design. This is better than convenience sampling for hard-to-reach and hidden population (without any known population parameters like those that a census would give us).

We are still in the process of setting everything up, and we were wondering if KoBo Toolbox offered a service that would make all of this possible.