Issue in Deploying form

Getting the error message. Do. Not know how to resolve it

Welcome back to the community @anamikadutt! It seems like you have a syntax error within your xlsfrorm. Try validating your xlsform here. You should be able to figure out the issue.

If you still are not able to figure out your issue, feel free to share your xlsform with the community. The community should be happy to help you solve your issue.

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Hello @anamikadutt,
Related to Kal_Lam’s advice, you may search for a β€œ${}” or β€œ${ }” token in the (downloaded) XLSForm Excel sheet.


Thank you for this. Have uploaded it however have an issue knowing what do they actually mean. I am attaching the screen shot of the screen and the xls file with thisa3ezidUAySRjvypwQkZDyj (2).xlsx (18.3 KB)

You issue comes from H18 where you have used a relevant expression as ${} = '9' or ${} = '9' or ${} = '9'. Here the variable name is missing that you are trying to express.

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