Issue of allow choice duplicate within a cascading select question

i am also experiencing the same issue. please help. thanks

Welcome to the community @jollie_slpnpmo! Would you mind validating your xlsform through this online validator. It should help you identify the issue where the possible duplication is. It also helps you identify syntax errors within your xlsform.

hi. site cannot be reached.

Try this out:

hi. I cannot preview the form I created. I followed the instruction on “allow_choice_duplicates” to YES. please assist. thanks!image

Hi @jollie_slpnpmo,

Would you mind sharing your xlsform so that we could help you out with the issue you are facing.

cascading questions (7).xlsx (183.3 KB)

Looking at your xlsform i see the following issues:

The name should be as follows:

  • Must begin with a letter of the alphabet or an underscore (_). Name starting with a number is not allowed. e.g. 1st district used in B19 is not allowed. Maybe you could re-write it as first_district.
  • Should not have a space in-between. Maybe you could use underscore (_) if you do need space. e.g. mountain province used in B28 is not allowed. Maybe you could re-write it as mountain_province.
  • The name should also be unique within a certain variable. FYI, if you look at the choices sheet you shared above you will see name being duplicated within city/municipality:

    Try to make the name unique within the same variable i.e. the name once provided should not repeat e.g. if you look at B203 and B223you will seeburgosbeing used twice. Maybe you could useburgosforB203andburgos1forB223`. I would generally prefer giving a unique number starting from 1,2,3 … for each variables.
  • Lastly i would also change the list_name with city_munipality for the one that you are currently using as city/municipality.
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hi. thank you for this. will try to do the instructions. i’ll keep you updated. thanks.

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hi. thank you for the help. all of it worked well. will communicate with you again should there be any issues to be encountered in the future.

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