Issue with jpg media files not showing in form when in EDIT mode (kobotool -> enketo)

Hello community,

We have designed a form where numerators use kobocollect client on Android to fill out the information on the field and send it to the Kobotoolbox server.

    Our form is is a fairly complex design, and particularly it includes multiple-select fields which offer four options for broad business hours range selection (morning, afternoon, evening, night) for selected open days of the week for a given healthcare facility; the only twist is that those multiple-select fields options are presented using jpg media files instead of text, the reason for this being to be able to better manage the real estate on the smartphone screen (so that, for example, if a given facility offers open hours for the seven days of the week, the full seven days and the four possible slots per day options can fit in a single screen).

The jpg media files are properly uploaded to the kobo server, and all they show up and work fine in:

    However, we are hitting an issue if we need to edit a submitted form from the field using the web interface (enketo).

In such case (again, EDIT mode triggered from kobotoolbox data table to open form in enketo for edit purposes) the jpg files do not show up, and only a generic jpg holder is shown.

We’ve read other threads from community members describing what seems to be the same issue, but have not found any solutions or a clear indication of what or where the actual problem is.

    We have tracked down the issue to the fact that the page generated by enketo generates different server addresses in the image source element that retrieves the target jpg files in CREATE mode vs. EDIT mode ;

in CREATE mode:
the server addresses in the url’s of the image src elements in the page point to, or which can be correctly resolved and therefore the jpg files are retrieved and displayed:

However, in EDIT mode:
the server address in the url is kc.kobotoolbox.internal , which cannot be resolved and therefore the jpg file cannot be retrieved nor displayed:

This can be confirmed by the fact that if we alter the page html in edit mode and replace the server name kc.kobotoolbox.internal by, then the URL is resolved, the jpg file retrieved and the image is displayed instantly.


  1. What can be done to solve this problem?
  2. Is this something that needs to be addressed by enketo developers?
  3. and if so, what is the right forum to address the issue?

Thank you so much in advance for your time and knowledge!

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Hi @JAM,

Thank you for providing a complete detail for the issue. Would appreciate if you could also provide us the following information (through a private message) so that we could have a closer look of your issue at our end.

  • Username
  • Project name

Have a great day!

Hi Kal_Lam, and thx for your reply; can you send a pointer to access the private message function?

Hi @JAM,

You could follow the instructions as outlined in the post discussed previously to learn how to send a private message:

Have a great day!

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Hey @JAM,

FYI, we already have a GitHub issue for this. You could follow the same here:

Understood, Thx!
I’ll follow up there, thank you for your help


Hi @JAM,

The issue has been fixed. For details, please also feel free to have a look at the most recent release that has been announced: