Issues while viewing Maps

before 3 days it was work. i don’t know what happen and i have this massage:

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway


any suggesting to resolve it؟؟

Welcome back to the community, @rimaoulleik! Could you kindly explain the exact place where you get this error message? Maybe we should be able to help you solve it. Also please let us know the server you are using?

What you mean by the: exact place where you get this error message
I’am at Lebanon, !!

how i can share with you the data or the program

Oh sorry, wen i try to view the data on the map i have this message

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Would you mind sharing with us the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

OK, so is this the issue (When you try to load the map, you see nothing?):

Yes this is the problem

i don’t understand why, it was worked before

Do you have any clue on when this started happening? Seems like you also get this error message when you leave it untouched for a long time:

I think before 4 day i redeploy the program from excel and i just change the requirement of 6 question

Will have a closer look at it and get back to you soon.

it is so kind from you thanks , if you need i can send the excel files

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We will contact you later if we should require them too.

ok , thanks for your effort

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Dear Kal_Lam

Dear any suggesting or solution for my problem

Good day for you

@rimaoulleik, we have notified our dev team and will reach you back when I hear back.

I speak about this problem

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@rimaoulleik, we have a GitHub issue for this:

Will let you know when this is resolved.