Issues with Cloning a Project

My colleague and I would like to use a survey that we developed for one of our affiliate accounts. We were able to clone the survey from the affiliate account and add it to our other account, but it appears that we can only access it using the server of the affiliate account. We’d like to access it using the other account’s server since it is now on the other account as well.

Can you assist us with this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Could you explain this a bit so that we could help you solve your issue. Seems like you have cloned a project and have created the same project to a different server. So what would you like to do now with this new project?

We would like to be able to access this project through the server of the account that it was copied onto. For example, when using the KOBO app, in order to fill out the copied survey we have to log in to the server on which the original survey is. We cannot use the copy/clone of the survey on any other server.

So if I understood clearly, is this what you are doing:

  • You cloned a project from say the user_A (HHI server).
  • You updated the project to say the user_B (OCHA server).
  • You were collecting data from a tablet configured with the user_A settings.
  • Now you wish to collect data form the same project that has been uploaded and deployed through user_B (OCHA server) using the same device.

Did I get you correctly?

Yes, that is correct.

Hi @farmstew
Ideally what you are looking for is practically impossible given the following rationale:

  • You cannot share projects across different servers
  • You cannot have two accounts logged into one phone collect application


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Okay, thank you for clarifying and confirming this.


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