Issues with custom reports

Good evening everyone, I have the very same problem. Issues with a form in Spanish: no graph shows up in the report after I tryed to customize graph style. Dear Kal, may you please reset the graph in order to have at least bar charts available? Below the data:
Username: xxxxxxx
Project name: Evaluación de impacto - PERSONAL INSTITUCIONES, PADRES Y ESTUDIANTES
Project link:
Thank you very much in advance

Welcome to the community @LeoL! I have reset your chart and you should be able to view your custom report normally. But as said above it’s a bug and please follow the instructions as outlined above.

I am really grateful to you Kal! You think is fine to play around with chart styles or better to stick to bar charts? Thank you very much again!


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@LeoL, kindly please be informed that if you wish to play around with the custom report, kindly please note the followings:

  • First change your browser language to English. (note, if you don’t you will face the issue again)
  • Then you could work with graphs and bars without any issue.

Hi @LeoL

Kindly please be informed that we have a recent release of the KoBoToolbox, which should fix this issue permanently. For details, please feel free to go through the release notes: