Issues with nested if-statement

I have a problem with this code, I need depending Sex and Age, if Sex="mujer’ and Age=8 then take the value of ${totalcyc} and put the value so:
if(${Sexo} = ‘mujer’,
if(${Edad} < 8,
if(${totalcyc} < 4.8, ‘Insuficiente’,
if(${totalcyc} >= 4.8 and ${totalcyc} <= 6.6, ‘En Progreso’,
if(${totalcyc} >= 6.7 and ${totalcyc} <= 7.3, ‘Suficiente’,
if(${totalcyc} > 7.3, ‘Excelente’, ‘’))))))
I put the code but is a mistake. Thank you

Message error:
Se ha producido un error en la carga de este formulario. Le recomendamos no usar este formulario para introducir datos hasta que esto se resuelva.

Por favor contacte con indicando la dirección de esta página y el mensaje de error que aparece más abajo:

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_fj94o18/Sexo = ‘mujer’, if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_fj94o18/Edad < 8, if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc < 4.8, ‘Insuficiente’, if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc >= 4.8 and /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc <= 6.6, ‘En Progreso’, if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc >= 6.7 and /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc <= 7.3, ‘Suficiente’, if( /model/instance[1]/aJTJBZb6butHsv2sSGgodM/group_op1jb49/totalcyc > 7.3, ‘Excelente’, ‘’)))))), message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘t’)

Thank you

@carlosv, seems like you have used the if-statement differently. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you correct your syntax:

I am trying to make a formula that, according to Age, Sex, and a total value, discriminates against my state, but it does not work for me when I give an example of 8 years, sex ‘female’ and the total will be a 2-digit decimal number in this case 4.8, no does not give me the result that should be ‘insufficient’ and so the other variations. Thanks for the technical support.
This is my formula : if(selected(${Sexo},‘mujer’) and ${Edad} = 8 and ${totalcyc} < 4.8, ‘Insuficiente’, if(selected(${Sexo},‘mujer’) and ${Edad} = 8 and ${totalcyc} > 4.8 and ${totalcyc} =6.6, ‘En Progreso’, if(selected(${Sexo},‘mujer’) and ${Edad} = 8 and ${totalcyc} > 6.7 and ${totalcyc} =7.3, ‘Suficiente’, if(selected(${Sexo},‘mujer’) and ${Edad} = 8 and ${totalcyc} > 7.3, ‘Excelente’,‘’))))

@carlosv, maybe you could share the relevant part of your XLSForm with the community. The community should be able to help you solve your issue. But please be specific and only share the relevant portion so that the community need not scan the entire XLSForm.