Issues with other for a select multiple question

Hi @Kal_Lam,
I hope everything is Ok.

I have the same problem of @fxc but the difference is that I’m using the style theme-grid.

I attached the xls and a scrrenshoot of the error.

Select Multiple (Others) - theme-grid.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Hi @segadu78
I think this is an issue with your form and not necessarily a bug. I suggest you check your form here to confirm.


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Hi @stephanealoo, thank you for your response.

I don’t know why but is not working. Could you help me with this one?

I attached one image that shows the errors of the form.


This inficates a cycle in your dependency references in relevant or calculation. Look for ${Q1 in your XLSForm.
It is something like:
Q1 calculation (Q2 + Q3).
Q3 calculation (Q1 + Q2).

To search, you might rename the relevant column to XXrelevant. Then test again. If the error is still there, it’s in calculation column. Otherwise, in relevant column.

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It’s true! thank you very much! I miss that.

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