Issues with previewing while clicking the eye like button

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The only problem that isn’t solved yet it’s the visualization of the form.

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Could you explain your issue in detail?

The problem is, when i click in the “eye” to visualise the form, it opens a blank page. So i canno’t visualize the form, but i can edit, and when i edit i lose the information of “Hora de Inicio” and “Hora de Fim”, in the project “ROTURA_BEIRAS (roturas_registo_2)”.

The other project “2638 - Desmatações AdVT” i don’t lose this information of that 2 fields because they do not exist, but i can’t still visualize it, it opens a blank page.

Yes, this is a bug and we will reach you out when it is resolved.

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It seem’s that the problem it’s already solved, now it’s the chrome browser problem, where there are some fields of the form, that are not visible. The question is, isnt’t there something that we can do?

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Hello ,I also have the same problem, and the solution that I found for this bug is, if you change the number of rows in one page to “10” then the problem will be solved (you can try as a temporary solution) but if you would like to see more than 10 rows in one page, then first two or three columns are not visible in some rows like the photo that you shared. @aalcada @Kal_Lam

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@aalcada, @anilgnydn could you confirm if this is solved at your end?

It is solved, thank you

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Thank you for confirming!