Issues with pulling a survey project to Collect android app

It worked perfectly fine on my colleagues device using kobo collect with same version. Still not on my device. Could it be a storage issue on the device?

Would you mind uninstalling the KoBoCollect android app and then reinstalling them again. Maybe this should solve your issue. Could you also let us know the android OS your device has and the android OS your colleague has (where the same worked).

Will get you that information shortly

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This is for my device. I will share my colleagues device shortly too

Maybe you could simply share the device name and model and it’s operating system version. This should be helpful.

Samsung J5

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Yes, this should work!

This device too doesnt work. Infinix. I will be sharing the OS of the device that works very very soon

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In the mean time could you upload the same survey project (that you are not able to get it in your device) as a different project and try getting them to your device (again)?

This is the device that is working perfectly. I will put the form in a new project as guided and give feedback. Thanks

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Hi Kal, Thank you for the tremendous effort yesterday. I hope you have seen my immediate previous post on the Device OS that works. Thank you

Have you tried out deploying it as a new survey project?

I deployed the same xls form as a new project. It worked perfectly well on my device. Yet, the legacy iMSV form in question is still not downloading. Very frustrating

Could you share your xlsform with the community? Maybe the community could test it for you.

Given the versions of phones you have presented, I highly suspect this is a heavy form which could not be loaded on some of the devices. To validate this, I will need to have a look at your XLS form as requested by @Kal_Lam

Kindly send us the form so that we look at it.


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