error when sending data to kobo


When I try to send a saved form to the kobo server, the following error appears: 'Error: GenericException:

I’ve searched in other communities and this appears to be a 204 message from the server.

Here is a print from the smartphone screen

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-26 at 21.18.02

Could you kindly let us know if this is an issue for only one device or it’s an issue to a lot of device? Also please let us know the app that you are using (KoBoCollect android app or ODK Collect android app)? Similarly, could you also let us know the device name, model and the operating system your device use so that the community could add on to share if they are too facing the same issue with the same device at their end too?

Sorry about the delayed answer. This error hasn’t occured again but I was using ODK collect android app in a Sansung phone, don’t know which one, sorry.

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Feel free to reach us back if you should have this error again?

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