Jr:chioice name in enketo express

jr: choice name does not appear when using multi pages on enketo express. Can anyone explain?

Hi @akoh,

You may have missed to see the other page where you used the jr:choice-name. I have checked it out and it should work.

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 2

In the settings tab of your xlsform:
Image 3

Data entry page (Enketo, page 1):

Data entry page (Enketo, page 2):

Reference xlsform:
Display Response for Multiple Choice (jr choice name).xlsx (43.7 KB)

Have a great day!

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Thanks Kal_Lam

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just a small hint: When you use multiple languages, the choice-name of the language used in this (entry) moment will be stored in the data set (if it’s referenced in a variable). So, if the user may switch between languages, you will come out with language-mix in the final data set.

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