Keep the scoring invisible for the respondents and surveyors


I have a survey assessment in which I prepared a scoring system and weight for each question. However, I would like to keep the score invisible for both surveyors and respondents.
I will put the score in another language if this is not feasible. But also need to make the additional language invisible to the surveyors.

Kindly advise

Welcome @Charbel,
As far as I know, you cannot

  • hide a variable from users who can see any submission on server level.
  • hide a language (column) from users.

It may be preferable to do your score calculation outside KoBo, after export of the data.

You can hide a question/variable (as calculate type) only from the screen for data collection (and edit modal).

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@Charbel, I agree with @wroos. You could use the calculate question type for this.

It works perfectly.
Many thanks

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@Charbel, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: