Kf.kobotoolbox.org down?

Hello! The servers are down for me here. Is there a problem?

Same problem here. Unable to login to kf.kobotoolbox.org.

Getting the 504 Gateway Time-out message as well as this message:

# System configuration error

Please contact the administrator of this server.

If you are the administrator of this server: KoBoCAT received this request on port 8000, when 8001 should have been used. Please see Expose distinct ports from the KPI and KoBoCAT containers · Issue #301 · kobotoolbox/kobo-docker · GitHub for more information.

Thanks for using KoBoToolbox.

just logged in successfully

Unable to update a form from its xlsform (on kf.kobotoolbox.org). XLSForm Updload/import does not complete.

Is there an update underway on kf.kobotoolbox.org server?

This problem seems to be existing for more than 5 hours, but no one seems to have time to say what is happening …

@percezione, @aaj, @BartRoelandt, sorry for the late response! We had a temporary server issue. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Thank you for responding and updating us, Kal_Lam

best, zahid

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