KoBo and Power BI Online

Hi everyone,
I found this great link that explains how to connect KoBo to Power BI. Since I am using the Power BI Service (Online Version), this does not work. Any suggestions on how to connect KoBo to the Online version?

Welcome to the community, @titeuf_community! Could you also let us know when you have an issue connecting your data with KoboToolbox? The community should then be able to help you solve your issue.

To directly pull data from Kobo to Power BI service requires premium features, and it is highly complicated. But what I would suggest is you can create simply the pbix files in the Desktop application and import the data from the web, later you can publish it to PB Services. After you publish you can update your data manually or automatically in the services and you can use the services as you want, without needing premium features.