Kobo Coding support

Hello All,

I really enthusistic to learn Kobo coding. When I submitted my xls file to the kobo toolbox then It shows error. What to do, How to do?

Thanks in advance

Tofajjel Processing: sector_feedback_CK.xlsx…
Processing: sector_feedback_CK.xlsx…

Welcome to the community, @ituhin94! You should be able to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues in it.

You should be able to learn to create forms in KoBoToolbox through our support page. In addition, to learn more about the XLSForm, you could also visit this site. In addition, this site should also be helpful while creating your XLSForm.

Processing: sector_feedback_CK.xlsx…

Please check the qurestion no 2.1, why it becomes error yes_no_dk

What error do you see when validating it through the online validator?

have you able to see my file? can i get your skype name?

Search for question_name from your survey tab. You should be able to see it somewhere around the expressions used under your relevant or something similar. But unfortunately you have not used a variable name with the same in your XLSForm which has caused this issue. Try fixing this and that should solve your issue.