Kobo loading error

I’m facing this error and I don’t know how to solve it and I’m hoping someone would help.

Thanks in advanced.

Welcome to the community, @Awraad! Are you on a self hosted server?

yes, on my own vm

OK, would you mind checking if the same happens in one of our publicly hosted server (OCHA or HHI)?

actually it’s running on docker, i followed the below steps from github

Your Enketo server can’t resolve the DNS name kfkobo.sfda.gov.sa. If that’s the correct hostname for KoBoCAT (not KPI), then check your DNS configuration.

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record for kfkobo.sfda.gov.sa already in dns records

Alright. For some reason, that hostname cannot be resolved inside your enketo_express Docker container: that’s what ENOTFOUND means. Can you curl https://kf.kobo.sfda.gov.sa/ from the host machine? If not, then you need to fix this problem. If so, then try entering the enketo_express container and run the same curl command again. To enter the container, if you use kobo-install, you would execute this command:

kobo-install$ ./run.py -cf exec enketo_express bash

If you use some custom Docker setup, then you’ll need to ascertain on your own how to proceed.

I won’t be able to offer further support at this time, but others here in the community may be able to assist. Good luck to you.

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