Kobo OCHA server sign in problems

i have to try many time to get signed in! why?

also it stops working until i sign out then sign in, an it takes much time and attempts to get signed in knowing that the internet speed is very good.


@omar997, which server are you using at the moment?

Good Morning,
I also have the same drawback.

When logging in I get the following error.

Error Kobo 2

@cispmed, are you still not able to login (even after multiple attempts)? FYI, please be informed that I did not have any issues logging into my account though. However, please feel free to reach us if you are still not able to login. We shall have a closer look at it.

At this time it is already allowing access.
Thank you.

Thank you for confirming, @cispmed! Please let us know if this should happen again.

Kobo OCHA Server (kc.humanitarianresponse.info), also i face problems with API it doesn’t work

@omar997, is login still an issue at your end? I just made a quick check and was able to login without an issue.

Here is the problem that it reports

@omar997, could you try again when there is no server load?

Actually i had many successful attempts, but we need the data to be synchronised all time for monitoring issues.
is there any solution in the mean time?

@omar997, please be informed that this is happening due to the server load. However, the system should be able to optimize it automatically.

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I also face Server Error (500) from the morning. Could you help please.
Thx in advance

We will have a closer look at it @emreozkan90!

@emreozkan90, are you still having this issue?

No, It seems solved. Thank you! @Kal_Lam

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Thank you for confirming, @emreozkan90!

Good morning, Errors are occurring when entering the system. I attach the errors.`

Error Kobo 26072021-2


We will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

Good afternoon

It is already allowing us to access without problems.

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