[KoBo Users] Files will not sync

Hi Matt

I guess you are using the stand alone postprocessor if not you may need to download it (its a small sized java based executable file). Can you send a screen capture of your settings? Because you need to clearly map the source and also ensure the write to destination is not locked by other programmes. If u send the screen capture I may be able to guide u.

Aloo Stephen Onuong’a

Public Health & Social Research Specialist



On 29 May 2013 23:40, “Matt Di Nardo” skil...@gmail.com wrote:

I am using ODK Collect to fill forms on a Nexus 7. When connected, the tablet is not recognized by the sync program, but I copied the instances to my desktop so that shouldn’t be the problem. The problem is when I set the instance and aggregate folder and hit “Aggregate” the status says XML Sync Process Completed, but the aggregated folder is empty. I’ve seen other people have this problem but I could not find a solution.

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