[KoBo Users] How to access photos after syncing?

You can find the photos taken as part of your survey on your phone or tablet, and then copy-paste them to your computer. KoBoSync only synchronizes the XML files, so if you have additional media (video, sound recordings, images) taken by Collect you need to copy them separately from each device; just go to the odk\instances folder on the devices and copy all of the folders from there, then find the relevant images based on the folder name (which is also used in each record in the CSV produced by KoBoSync. See below for a screenshot of a folder containing both the XML and the JPG on the phone:




Tino Kreutzer

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O Olabisi oyebola...@gmail.com wrote:

Wondering if anyone could advise on this as I just recently started using kobo toolbox:

One of the questions on my survey is to take a photo. After aggregating and synchronizing, I have the csv file that includes a photo label for each instance. However, I can’t find the folder that actually contains the photos on my computer.

(The odk/instances folder on my phone storage contains the xml file and photo but the folder containing the aggregated files on my computer has only the xml files, no photos, and there is no separate photo/media folder that gets created).


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