[KoBo Users] Urgent: Submitted forms not in 'instance' folder

Hi Larissa,
This is likely a problem with Android and Windows having communication problems. This is a known issue with recent Android versions, and there is no fix yet. A workaround exist. Another option is disconnecting the phone, rebooting, and reconnecting it.

This is nothing to do with KoBoSync, but is a general Android/Windows issue. Afterwards you should be able to go to the odk/instances folder and see the different subfolders for each of your interviews, allowing you to copy-paste them to your computer.

If you install a free file browser, such as Astro or ES, you can go directly to the instances folder on your tablet and you should see a number of subfolders, allowing you to verify that they are really where you’d expect them.

Hope this helps,



Tino Kreutzer

Program Manager
KoBoToolbox | Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

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On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Larissa Leben lariss...@gmail.com wrote:


We just started a 3 weeks data collection and I am having probems uploading the filled questionnaires from some phones to the computer.

When I open the instances folder their are no files inside, but if we look in the kobocollect page on the phone, it shows the number of questionnaires filled out.

What can I do?

Thanks and best regads,

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Thanks a lot Tino, it works now, thanks to your help!