Kobocollect can download forms but cannot upload (404)

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with using KoboCollect for mobile data collection, but I’m getting an unusual error. When I try to upload a finalized form I get the error “Error: NOT FOUND (404) at https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/submission?deviceID=mac[ETC]

So a 404 error usually means the server cannot be accessed. But bizarrely, I can access the server. I am able to download new forms through “Get Blank Form”

This is on an Android tablet. Problem occurs with both ODK collect v1.19.0 and Kobocollect v1.14.0a. Seven tablets all have the same problem. I have tried several different Wi-Fi networks. I have restarted the tablets. The tablets can access the internet. About 10 hours ago I was able to upload forms just fine.

Any idea what is going on here?

The timing of the error is somewhat unfortunate, we were just training a group of people in a local NGO to use this for data collection, and this sort of blocks us from going through the full process.

Update: I created a new form and was able to download and send it just fine. So it looks like the error is related to the form I was using.

Hi @hofmanpaul Sorry to hear of your issues with that form, but glad you were able to create a new form and continue working. When you upload the original form that was giving the 404 error message here does it identify any errors in the form code?