Kobotool Box Excell Data Analyser

Dear all

I am struggling with Kobotool Box Excell Data Analyser. Could anybody help to record a video on this. There is limited instruction on how to use it.

Hey @raphami
can you please share screen shot of where you want to add videos and is the video related to the video question in form

HI @raphami, @saharaa

Please visit the YouTube link provided below which should guide you out on how to use the xlsanalyzer:


It is interesting to listen to your wonderful presentation. I have a problem with choice, I do not see my question. This has made my life difficult because I cannot proceed to the rest of the business.

Hi @raphami,

Welcome back to the community! Please follow the videos carefully starting from the first and you should be able to see your questions in the xlsanalyzer.


most of the times this is related to:

  1. Change the “_” in the choices of your form bu an empty space.
  2. Change any “red field in the config” by “default” or a selection.
    Video 8A is whene this is explained.
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Dear team

Thank you very much for your kind support. It worked out after the small trick of removing the “’ _”’. You guys are amazing.




@Kal_Lam, I wonder if it would be possible for the Koboteam to correct this “_” thingy in the Kobo Excel Analyzer…
I was told for the first time about this trick in 2015…and still same issue :slight_smile:
The file itself is great, simple and quick to use… once you overcome the “little secret” but a lot of people struggle with this! Specially if they don’t know.
This could be a future improvement for the next version :slight_smile:

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