KoBoToolBox Debugging

How can we debug kpi source code running within kpi docker container.

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I have changed the position of your topic. In the meantime could you please provide as much detail as possible.


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Hi Stephane,


I have installed kobotoolbox using kono-install (Developer Mode), as you know that once we run kobotoolbox using kobo-install python script (python run.py), multiple docker containers will be created, one of those containers is for KPI application.

I am able to use visual studio code to view the source code within KPI docker container, the source code is within the path /srv/src/kpi, and I am able to modify the source code and see the changes in the browser.

My question is: how to debug the execution of the code by setting break points, inspecting variables values … within Visual Studio code (or any valid IDE).

Please let me know if further explanation is required.

Fahed EL Chmeissani