KoBoToolbox Server on LAN

How can i configure my kobotool server so it can be accessed via local area network?

Any idea??

Hi @luisbauti92,

You could do the same by following as instructed in the support article listed below:


Hi @Kal_Lam.

My problem is that when I try to access through another device with the IP address of my local server.

It only works when I use the virtual host name on the local server:

Url Kobo:


but when i try connect with another device for example:

no response from kobo server (docker)

Any idea how I can connect through another device?


PD: sy bad english

Link post: Deploy connect another device


The NGINX reverse proxy relies on the hostname to send requests to the container which they need to go to.
Just add an entry to your local device’s hosts file like this: kf.kobo.local kc.kobo.local ee.kobo.local

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I resolved with DNS server local

Thanks a lot people.

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How did you fix this - i am having the same issue

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Did you find a solution eventually ? I am having the same issue

its setup to be accessed via the external IP address, you could have some firewall rules thats stopping it as well.

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as jmillar said:
open your hosts file
in windows you can find it here
open it as administrator
and add a line:
your_kobo_machine_ip kf.kobo.local kc.kobo.local ee.kobo.local

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