Labeling kobo output as either categorical or continuous data

Hello all,

We have put together a VBA that will essentially run descriptive statistics (point estimates, standard error, margin of error, and confidence level) for the kobo excel output. The issue that we have is that we would have to insert a row at the very top of our output and label each categorical column “c” so that the VBA will run. Is it possible to do some preprocessing such that the first row of the raw data output would label the column as categorical or continuous?


Hi Tom
Unfortunately we have no way to run a preprocessor instruction to accord the column a description of either categorical or continuous. Though not within the scope of support, statistically speaking such kind of definitions are designed by the intended user. Even if we were technically able to do this, we do not have sufficient information that could allow such a process to be done and treat all the variables (columns) based on the data collected by the thousands of users.