Language issues with submissions. Data seems to be missing in the server

As we noted errors in language setting, we replaced the questions form and redeployed. then we can only see some data that we have already reported on kobo. would it be recovered? (e.g we could only see 1184, though it was showing 4584 total submissions)

I noticed multiple issues (different queries) in your post. So to document them smoothly i split this issue to a different post so that it can be indexed properly and users with similar query could reference for the same.

Regarding your query, it seems that you had language issues and then redeployed. You then could not see some of the submissions in your server. Did i get you correctly?

In order to troubleshoot your issue could you kindly provide us a detailed list of what exactly you did so that we could replicate the issue at our end and help you solve your issue.

we finalized the assessment form on 7th January 2021 and started assessment on that day. submissions of data have also done in evening of that day and continued our assessment for up to further 5 days (7 - 12 January). in between we finished 4584 submissions. Meantime, enumerators reported me that language fonts are incompatible (not readable correctly), so in the evening of 12th January, I modify the language font (in label column under choice tab), then i replaced the modified form and redeployed at project. then original submittions of 4584 were not seen under data view (but showing 4584 total submissions above), only 1184 could be seen under data view. what can i do to see all submitted data under data view and to be able to download in XLS format? thanks again for your time and patience to my questions.


Was this the only change you made i.e. only the typo fix in labels under the choices tab or did you also play with some variables i.e. adding or removing some unwanted variables/required variables?