Late file migration from KoBoCollect to KoBoToolbox

Good afternoon, I’m Juan Manuel

I have the following situation.

Several of the forms that the workgroup is filling out on Kobo are not being uploaded to the platform right away.

In the attached image, there are three forms that were completed between 2021-01-21 and 2021-01-22 and three other forms that were submitted between 2021-01-25 and 2021-01-28.

As of 2021-02-01, export the file to xls and the records entered between 2021-01-21 and 2021-01-22 did not appear, but the records from 2021-01-25 to 2021-01 did appear -28.

Today 2021-02-04 I exported the file to xls again and all the logs appear.

-First question: What procedure are we not doing well at Kobo Collect to make this happen?

-Second question: Is there a way to validate the date files are actually migrated from Kobo Collect to Kobo Toolbox?

-Third question: The dates reported by the Kobo Toolbox of start and end in the table, (See in the image the dates highlighted in green) do they correspond to the dates on which the user in Kobo Collect started and finished filling out a form? regardless of whether the completed form is submitted the same day or not?

I appreciate your support and clarity in this regard.

maybe you can find for the start and end variables more information here
end seems related to validation-event (not to submission).

Here an example
start : 2021-01-11T14:42:41.896+02:00
end : 2021-01-11T20:29:16.284+02:00

_submission_time : 2021-01-11T19:45:07

start and end seem to use the local device timezone.
But _submission_time the server timezone, so can even be before end as in the cited example…

end can also be another day then start, e.g. after the enumerator finished data entry and the next day her/his supervisor re-edits this case (on the same device).

Attention: the “today” metadata will not update ( different to the function today() ).