Library Items: What's in a name?


I have been using KoboToolbox’s “My Library” to create these 3 items (Question Block, Template, Collection). I find this tool to be very helpful in creating and testing my questions before I use and deploy them in my forms.

Yet once during a training, I was asked about the definition of each one. And I could not give a clear answer, even after I searched for them in the KoboToolbox webpages

For example, one could create a group of questions inside a Template, but also inside a Block or a Collection. Or maybe I’m missing something? Help!

This might be a silly (and pedantic) question, but how do we define and differentiate a Question Block, from a Template and a Collection?

Thanks a lot, Marc

Welcome to the community, @mmd! Thank you for bringing this to the community. We will be updating the same to our support articles soon. Till then, kindly please be informed that …

  • Question: A question is simply a question that captures information.
  • Question Block: A group of questions is a question block.
  • Template: A template is also a question or question block from where you could directly create your survey project.
  • Collection: A collection is a folder that holds a question or question block or template.

Note: The only difference between a question/question block and a template is that a user can directly create a survey project from a template while the same is not allowed for a question/question block. However, a user can create a survey project from a form builder and use the question/question block or template while building a survey project.

Thank you @Kal_Lam for the quick response!
Very helpful as always! Keep up the good work!