Link two forms or an edit functionality

Hello Kobo team,

We are using kobo to collect slum/household level data. The survey form contains sections like general information, toilet, water, waste, …etc. These sections are different groups in the survey form.

Now we need to survey some extra questions through all the slums/households. To do this there are two ways -

  1. I can create a new survey form with all the set of new questions.
  2. I can add questions to the existing form which had toilet,water, waste,…etc.
    Problem with
    #1 is that there is no linking between the two forms as we know the new survey form is just the extension of the existing one.
    #2 is I won’t be able to fetch the captured data to mobile app and fill only the new set of questions.

Is there a way to handle this or a way round method for such a scenario using kobotoolbox?