Linkage of two or more projects to share data

Greetings forum. I request clarification about the sharing of data between two or more projects. I created a parent project and a child project. I was able to share the data using the guidelines from the supporting documents of Kobo. I was even able to enter some data successfully in the child project with shared data from the parent project. However, I noticed that whenever I changed the data in the parent project in particular the unique identification number I use as a linkage, and I place the same number in the child project, the anticipated fields from the parent project are not shared into the fields of the project. What may be the issue and what is recommended for me to do?

Welcome to the community, @angelahall!

Did you try to change the identifier that links between the two forms? If you change the identifier, you will be able to link only the new data that is linked with the new identifier.