Linking Forms

Dear colleagues,
I have five forms (One registration form and 4 follow up forms). Is there a way to link this forms in Kobo?
Kindly advice!!!
Thank you

can you explain it more? i mean how do you want to link the forms?

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Thank you for getting back… I want to link them in two ways

  1. BY ACCESS: Enumerators can’t see a second form until they fill the first form. Thus, as soon as you fill the first one, you have access to the second form…
  2. ONE SURVEY, FIVE FORMS: The Registration form to be able to generate unique I.D for each respondent across the five forms.
    I hope this is clear!
    Thank you

dear abdulsamad
you can achieve the first point by group your question and make it on one page and then put mandatory flag on it which is not allow to pass to the next page unless you fill the first page

the second one can address if you allow your sample xls we can work on it

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Thank you Yonatan,
I checked the question grouping, the challenge is that the forms are not to be filled on the same day. The access should be after submission of form 1.
Attache is the sample Qstnr.csv (9.4 KB) for your reference.
Thank you so much

What you are looking for is more of a longitudinal data collection with relational bases for the data being collected which is not supported within the system. We have no way of directly setting up for a different form (project) data to be linked to another form. The only workaround apart from the groupings recommended is to have someone process the data and then you incorporate pull data functionality to pull previously collected data.

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Thank you for the response. This is helpful!!!