Linking health facility data with patients data collected

Help please, I am collecting data from around 30 health institutions. In each institution, I have 20 patients’ data to collect. We deployed one single form for both institution and patient data collection. Before starting data collection, we have two options to choose, if it is health institution or patient data. If health, health institution related questions will appear, and if it is patients, then patient questionnaires will appear. Problem is: We started collecting data from first health facility and then 20 patients from it. When we checked the report in data section, we found that in health institution questions, message is "1 out of 21 respondents answered this question. (20 were without data.) and in patients’ questionnaires : 20 out of 21 respondents answered this question. (1 were without data.) We actually thought that the health institution data can be linked and analysed by KOBO with patients data collected, but the data report is actually not showing the links. How can we link the institution data and patients data in the single deployed form, when there will be 3o institutions and 30x20 i.e.600 patients at the final stage. With first day data collection for 1st institution and 20 patients, we are realising that there is already a problem. Shall we create separate health facility questionnaires and separate patients questions and deploy them separately and collect data separately as solution or this can be fixed even for this single form?

Welcome to the community, @nishchal_shakya1234! You can link 2 projects dynamically as outlined in our support article Dynamic Data Attachment:

Thank you very much for the solution.

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