Loading error in Enketo

I have created one Project. But i am unable to Add Data through Enketo Web Link. Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox
Its working fine in KoboCollect App but not able to open in Enketo Web Link. I am getting the Error attached here.Error
Also attaching the xlsform here :
I was unable to attached the xlsform. it gives me error message new user cannot upload attachments.

Hi @santro
Have you had a look at the following discussion?


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I had checked that discussion. My number of rows in choices list in total is 450 and for a particular question it is 53 for one of the question. I dont think that this is too long. I am unable to share the xlsform because it says new user cannot upload attachments.

Welcome to the community, @santro! You should now be able to share your xlsform with the community. If you are still not able to share, please refresh your page.

Kindly find the attached xlsform.
OX-Enketo.xlsx (379.6 KB)

@santro, it seems like you have a total question of approximately 1200+ while you have choices of 536. Hence I would say the volume of the question is too large. Could you try it by splitting your survey projects to see if you are able to load them?