Loading Error when open the form

This error message will appear when open the form in some mobile devices.

Form link: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

Hi @raveendra,

Did you use the online validator ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x to see if there are any syntax issues?

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Yes. I used that. But no issues were found on the online validation.


Is the problem happening in a laptop - PC too? Or is it just in a mobile device?

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The error occurs only for some mobile devices. Not for laptops or desktops.

@raveendra, Can you try to update the browsers in the mobile devices? Maybe uninstall and reinstall the existing browser if you still have issues. Doing so will update the browser to its latest version.

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Ok. I will ask them to update the browser and let you know. Thank you very much for the response.

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@raveendra, we encourage you to use modern (updated to its latest release) browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. These modern browsers should minimize such loading errors.

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Thanks for the response.

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Hii… I requested respondents those who had trouble when opening the survey to update the browsers. But, still, the error appeared.

@raveendra, did you mean the error message still appeared even after updating the browser?

Yes actually… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@raveendra, could you switch your browser to other modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., to see how it behaves?

I will check. Thank you.

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