Loss data using Kobo form


I have problem with my form. I successfully deployed the form and have no problem entering data and submit to the server using the Enketo web form

However, when my team collect data and they save the form in the tablet (as they did not have the internet at the moment of collecting data). When they reopen the form and make submission the form become blank.

Could you please help on this? I tried to find in setting but I cant figure out,


@Okard, are you collecting data with Enketo or the Collect android app for your tablet?

Hi Kal_Lam,

I mainly use the Kobo collect in real data collection.

After finding that problem, I also try out the web form again and it doesn’t have problem (the input data is store nicely in the form when submitted)

For your information, these form I have is using Dynamic Data Attachment,


So you mean you use the Collect android app and the issue has been resolved?

oh… sorry for confusing you. What I mean is:

When we use Kobo Collect app, it doesn’t work .

But it work on the web page


So you mean this is the case with editing a saved form in Collect android app? Your team was able to collect the data> your team did not have internet so saved the form> then when your team tried to open the saved form the form was blank.

Did I get you correctly?

Yes, that is correct.

and when we tried with Enketo, it does not have that problem.

OK will check this out and get back to you.