Loss information

There have been losses of information records: the information has been loaded in the follow-up form and when the consolidated file is exported and downloaded, some records are not found

Hello @poamcastellanos, welcome to the community!

  • Can you share a screenshot of the missing data, where it should be? How it is missing?
  • Can you tell which server are you using?
  • Did you change / update your form while you’re collecting data?
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Hello @hakan_cetinkaya, thank you very much for your questions


  1. The server being used is humanitarianresponse

  2. No, the form has not changed; however I am using dynamic data from one form to another.

@poamcastellanos, do you mean you are missing some submissions from your project?

Yes, information records have been lost and re-registered.

@poamcastellanos, could you also let us know how you tracked that the submissions were missing? This should also help us investigate your issue and troubleshoot!