Lost forms uploaded on Enketo while offline

Hello, I recently returned from a needs assessment to a very remote communities in Fiji affected by two cyclones. I have a few forms missing, despite receiving a message that the forms were queued and would be uploaded when there was internet.

I was using Enketo online (offline) forms but I just can’t find them.

The username is xxxxxxx and I was using Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I was using the humanitarian version (assuming the OCHA server) and the name of the project is ‘Safety & Protection Cluster- Lau DNA Assessment’

Any help retrieving these forms would be deeply appreciated!

Welcome to the community @RedR! Seems like you closed the browser that had submissions before they were synced with your KoBoToolbox server. Did you ever see the confirmation message that your submissions were synced with your KoBoToolbox server?

Bula Kal,

No, I did not receive confirmation of the submissions and yes, it’s likely I closed the browser on the last day… does it means they are lost? :frowning:

Thank you so much for the quick reply!

In this case, there could be two possible scenarios:

First scenario:

This is something bitter to hear, but you should lose all your data if you closed your browser before the data was synced with the KoBoToolbox server and you manually cleared the cache of your browser or used any other application to clear the cache of your browser.

Second scenario:

If you have not cleared your browser’s cache, the data should still be there (stored in the very browser where you had collected your data). You will need to open the browser and go to the URL (data collection link). There, you should find the pending submissions. You should then upload your pending submissions. Maybe this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should also help you to troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks Kal,

I have come to terms with the pain of the lost data, as I think I will fall under scenario one. The weird think is that I did not clear manually any cache, at least not that I’m aware… Perhaps it was when I pressed discard when I received a message saying about related to an incomplete form? i can’t really remember the message precisely but I remember the word discard and pressing it as it was on a incomplete form.

Hoping that I’m in the second scenario have tried multiple times opening the URL but it doesn’t show any pending submissions. Can I open the stored cache directly from the browser? I’m trying to do that at the moment and will update you.

Thanks for the support!

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I am afraid; if it’s not seen in the browser, it should not be stored anywhere else either. However, feel free to reach out if you do find something.

Hi Kal, unfortunately I was unable to retrieve the lost forms… but at least I learnt to always print on PDFs my forms while working offline…

All the best!

I would advise being careful with two things while collecting data through Enketo:

  • Never clear the cache of your browser either manually or using some application.
  • Always wait for the confirmation message successfully submitted the forms to the server.