Mandatory repeat group of questions for a number of items and display item name in group questions

Hi all,

I have a list of items of household consumption (like cereals, pulses, milk, poultry, meat etc). For each of these items I would like to ask questions related to consumption and expenditure (quantity consumed in a week, amount spent on purchase of that quantity etc). I do not know how can I fetch these fixed items (around 25) in a repeat group of questions. The questions in repeat group must mention the name of the item and the dataset should also be identifiable with item name. Need help urgently.

If you have a fixed list of items, maybe you could use the matrix question as outlined in the support article Question Matrix Response Type. it should solve your issue.

Thanks Kal_Lam.

I am using questionnaire offline and will not be using Enketo. I understand that Question Matrix only works on Enketo. So need a solution using repeat group only.

Are you able to sketch how it would be like in a survey form?

Attaching an excel file which has the matrix. I can code for each item but it will be inefficient so I would like to use repeat group to have this information. The list of items is fixed and I need to get repeat data on each item of this list. There are 20 more items in this matrix. Hope this clarifies my question.

Kobo_Community.xlsx (11.5 KB)

Looking at your excel file, i still advise you to create a matrix question for the same. However if you wish to create a repeat group for the same, kindly please follow the instructions outlined in out support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. It should solve your issue.

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