Mandatory response not saved while designing survey project

dear all,
I am creating questionnaire on Kobo but Mandatory response does not work when selected and saved. Any help from the team?

Hi @Aidan can you please give a detailed list of steps you took and let us know what server you’re using and if you’re using KoBoCollect or Enketo web forms?

Hi @Aidan,

If you are designing a survey form in the KoBoToolbox form builder User Interface, please make sure you tick the Mandatory Response to Yes and then click the SAVE button as shown in the image below:

If the issue persists, try to check it out by designing the same in a fresh survey form in a different browser than the one you are currently using. Please reach out if the issue still continues.


Hello, I have the same problem, and it doesn’t work even if y put yes and then save. When I go back to the question, it is again in no.

Hi @ahsarscovgt,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind clearing the cache of your browser and trying it again. It should work.

Have a great day!

It still doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi @ahsarscovgt,

In this case, the workaround for you would be as follows:

  • Download your xlsform
  • Edit the same (to make your questions mandatory by putting a yes or a true under the required column as shown in the image below)
  • Replace the xlsform with the edited one
  • Deploy/Redeploy

Have a great day!

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