Matrix forms on enketo

Hello there,

Is there any way to render forms on enketo in such a way that some of the questions or notes do not appear with boundaries? Sort of like a mixed look of grid-theme and the default look of questions. I wouldn’t mind if these appeared on different pages on enketo.
This would be useful when only a section of your questionnaire needs to appear as a table while the rest appears like the default.

Any ideas for a newbie like myself?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the community @marc! If you look at the support article Question Matrix Response Type you should see that the matrix question works only when the Grid-theme layout. And so when you have a Grid-theme you have a table by default. Hence a matrix without a table is not possible at the moment.

Thank you. I have actually read through this support article and tried out several ideas. What I’m looking for is a multiple page form where some pages aren’t matrix type (Grid-theme). Can that be achieved? Could you point me in a direction to get this done? If it requires coding, I would love a solution to that. I am using XLS forms to design the questionnaire?

If you really need this, there are 2 ways: make a feature request and hope that it gets developed, or, you can develop the feature yourself.

I am willing to put in the time to develop it. What to I need to get it done? Can you point me to a resource I should learn or what I need? Is there an option to hire help on developing this if it’s too technical? Thank you

Since it’s open source, you can head over to GitHub - enketo/enketo-express: The full-fledged Enketo web application for the ODK ecosystem.
I’m not an expert, but it seems like you would need a Javascript developer to study the code and make the changes.

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