Matrix question - Does not show in data summary

Hello, I used 2 matrix questions in my survey. the results were entered (750 exactly) but none show on the data summary. what happened? the only thing showing is the text section below the matrix (Other). Can anyone help?

There were 3 rows and 2 colums for each matrix. Thanks heaps

Hi @agathetiana,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly share with us your xlsform (with the matrix question that you designed) so that we could have a look at our end.


Thanks. The extract is in attachment.

Below also is the screen shot of the questions on the form. The rest worked just fine for the 750 surveys entered.

Hi @agathetiana,

xlsform please?

Yes sorry I sent it without the attachment.


EXTRACT - latest version - labels - 2019-07-15-17-29-11 (1).xlsx (38.5 KB)

Hi @agathetiana,

Could you kindly share the xlsform (questionnaire). The attachment above seems like its the dataset.

Of course sorry I didn’t know what you meant

Here we go sorry for the delay. I’ve highlighted the cells in 2 shades of yellow

aceX49mMXZrvi22Q8yujCR.xls (140 KB)

Hi @agathetiana,

I believe the reason it’s not working for you is because your Form Style is set to Default and not to Grid Theme. Please refer the red error message in your screen shot that says it only works in enketo web forms with the grid style.