Maximum records for a Project

What is maximum number of records that can be stored for a single project?

Maybe this post discussed previously should be able to answer your query:

No @Kal_Lam, I would like to know how many records can a Project hold because currently we are in the process of collecting 90K+ records for our organization. At times, it gets stuck when I open the Table under Data Tab. I would like to know whether it will hold till 100K records.

Good to see the updates in Kobo when I delete a wrong entry, it gets deleted automatically. No need to refresh.

Thank you in advance.


@fsimon23, which server are you using?

I’m using the server for this survey. We have collected 84K records till date.

I get this error given below when I try to open the Table section under Data Tab.

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway


Please advice.

@fsimon23, we have a GitHub issue for this:

I will let you know when this is resolved.

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