Metadata disappears after uploading new form version

Dear all,

At the start of our survey we use the ‘start’, ‘end’, today’, ‘deviceid’ and ‘username’ meta questions to collect (meta) information. When downloading the submissions in XLS form, the meta information is stored in a column named that is named after the type of meta information + some kind of ID. (For example: start_NrtvUbdZi or end_BlsjsF0o8.)

Collection of meta data works fine until the form is updated. After updating the form the ID in the name of the metadata columns is renamed and all stored information prior to that version has been deleted. I’ve added a screenshot below.

The top screen shows the results that have been collected with a particular form version. The bottom screen shows the same results file after I’ve replaced the form (with the exact same file) and submitted a sample response. The column names have changed and meta information that was first there, now has been deleted. Only for the last version metadata is available.

Is there a particular reason why the metadata column names change after a form update and any previous information gets deleted? If so, is there a way to prevent this?

Hope anyone can be off assistance. Thanks in advance for your help!



Solved. Not one of my brightest moments. I’ve been using the same base template for a couple of years now. For some unclear reason ‘start’, ‘end’, ‘today’ etc. are in the type column but not the name column.

After copying the values from the type column to the name column the column names stay the same when updating the form and previous collected data is no longer deleted.




Thank you for updating this with the community @niels396! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: